Stammtisch: Why Soil Matters

Soils are a vital natural resource, delivering many essential ecosystem services such as water and nutrient cycle regulation, food production, habitat for various species, and a physical base for construction. It is a living ecosystem essential for human and environmental health, contributing to biodiversity conservation, water protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation. Soils, however, are affected by a wide range of degradation processes - such as soil erosion, loss of organic carbon content, soil contamination or sealing - which undermine the delivery of ecosystem services. Current soil degradation trends both in Europe and globally are still increasing, as well as future challenges to ensure protection.

Ruta Landgrebe (Ecologic Institute) presented an introduction of soil as a natural resource issue, its status and importance. She showed that there is increasing public and policy attention to the soil topic, expressed through the policy and governance approaches in Europe and at the international level, as well as numerous soil related-activities and initiatives at the local, European and international level.


Ruta Landgrebe (Ecologic Institute)


Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 7:00pm