Event: Serious Gaming with Sim4Act

After the success of the first event with the JRC, Ecoscholars was thrilled to host another evening of serious gaming.

How can we ask people to support or participate in policies they don’t understand? Dr. Paolo Campo and Chris Moore are co-founders of Sim4Act, a company seeking to revolutionize discussion and planning around natural resource and infrastructure planning issues through serious games and computer simulations.

In this serious gaming session, Paolo and Chris discussed how these methods can be used to support innovative strategies and science-based decision making. Participants had the chance to play prototype games on urban climate adaptation and water resources management. As the game is designed to be implemented for a wide range of policy issues and fields, the evening wrapped up with a discussion of further resources and how participants can transfer these methods to their own policy issues of interest.

For more information watch a video overview here..


Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 6:30pm