05 April 2017 - Ecoscholars hosted Ruta Landgrebe (Ecologic Institute) for a Stammtisch presentation and discussion on the importance of soil as a natural resource, its status and the many ways in which it is threatened..
22 March 2017 - Ecoscholars hosted Dr. Danni Gilroy of Operational Wallacea (Opwall), a conservation research organisation, to discuss their work on conservation tourism and student engagement. The organisation specializes in ecology and conservation biology.
28 February 2017 - Ecoscholars hosted Yasmine Ostendorf, a writer in residence at Ecologic Institute and arts curator, for an engaging presentation on the critical role or art and artistic expression in fostering sustainability.
28 November 2016 - Ecoscholars helped to organize a private screening of the film, The Age of Consequences, which investigates the effects of climate change and global warming on resource scarcity, migration, and human conflict.
25 October 2016 - After the success of the first Serious Gaming Night, Ecoscholars hosted a second evening of serious gaming, this time with Chris Moore and Paolo Campo of Sim4Act, who presented a protoype game on urban sustainability and resource management.
14 July 2016 - Ecoscholars hosted a tour of Berlin’s Botanical Gardens and Seed Bank. The tour was accompanied by a presentation on the importance of genetic diversity for agricultural purposes and the garden's plant conservation activities.
24 June 2016 - Ecoscholars hosted a tour of the aquaponics farm, ECF Farmsystems, located in the middle of Berlin. Aquaponics = AQUAculture (fish farming) + hydroPONICS (growing produce) - a sustainable and innovative answer to urban agriculture.
15 March 2016 - March 2016 Stammtisch to discuss Al Gore's recent TED talk, "The Case for Optimism on Climate Change," in which the Nobel Laureate describes why he believes that humanity will solve the most pressing environmental concern of our time.