15 March 2016 - March 2016 Stammtisch to discuss Al Gore's recent TED talk, "The Case for Optimism on Climate Change," in which the Nobel Laureate describes why he believes that humanity will solve the most pressing environmental concern of our time.
14 January 2016 - Ecologic Institute (Ecoscholars parent organization) hosted physicist, author and founder/director of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Amory Lovins, for a series of lectures on the developing trends in energy occurring worldwide.
What to expect from COP21
Event: 2015-2016 Kickoff featured a talk by Dr. Camilla Bausch, Director, Ecologic Institute on what we can and cannot expect to come from COP21 in Paris, covering the most recent developments in the lead up to the much-anticipated conference.
Serious Gaming Hosted By Ecoscholars
21 October 2015 - In collaboration with European Alternatives, Ecoscholars hosted a "Serious Gaming" night focusing on the topic, "Paths towards a Sustainable EU Economy." The game was directed by Dr. Laurent Bontoux from the EU Joint Research Centre
Brodowin Farm Hoffest - Ecoscholars
06 June 2015 - Ecoscholars organized a trip to Brodowin Farms, an organic farm situated just north of Berlin, to coincide with their annual Hoffest, which celebrates the environmental mission of the farm and attracts thousands of visitors each summer.
Ecoscholars: Tour of Local Berlin Beehives
30 May 2015 - Nils Simon, a political scientist and urban beekeeper, led a tour of his beehives in Berlin. He is head of the Kreuzberg Beekeeper Association and has eight hives located in a garden lot at the Gleisdreieck-Park. Img. Source: CC0 PD
22 April 2015 - This month Ecoscholars Stammtisch hosts Andy Parker (IASS) for a discussion on science and socio-political implications of solar geoengineering, one possible solution for reducing GHG emissions. Img. Source: NASA
Targets - What are they good for? Guest lecture by Craig Morris
07 April 2015 - Targets – what are they good for? Craig Morris, editor of Renewables International and author of EnergyTransition.de, investigates various targets in the EU and argues that they are a useful policy tool. Img. Source: Chris Lim